Why I started Kalitara

Move from a place of love and live according to Karma – that is my aim in everything I do, my reason for starting this website and my wish for all the enquiring souls who visit Kalitara. Developing this community was simply a natural next step in my own development, a journey that has only been made possible by the incredibly giving natures of so many people I have met along the way.

The beginning

Some years back, I went through a very traumatic period in my life. I was riding the downward spiral of depression and anxiety and I had basically given up on myself. It was during those dark days that I first discovered journey work on a retreat in Ibiza.

For me, journey work was a revelation that was so simple, yet so powerful. After just surviving for so long, often not realizing how desperately I was searching for an outlet, I had found my place. With that experience, everything changed and my world tipped on its axis. I had a breath, a moment, a realization and then I started anew. Still me, but more aware, more open.

I can vividly remember the shock to my system in those first few days. The work managed to bring out the strongest of emotions in me, some blissful and many difficult, but all important. I knew I had to face them all head on, but I wasn’t worried because for the first time in my life I felt I had the right weapons to fight the battle. My journey towards rediscovering life had begun and my lust for life was reignited!

Incredible years have followed, tough yet beautiful. I have met some incredible people along the way who reminded me that life and its struggles should be our teachers, not our tormentors. I learned, through courage and my new-found love for life, to seek clarity, forgiveness and acceptance. I found myself again and for that I am incredibly grateful…

I am now a believer that we can all heal ourselves, re-wire pathways, change habits, regain our confidence and live life with passion. My hope is that one day it will be natural to go beyond ‘conventional’ medicine and treatments and see how our minds, bodies and spirits all need the same level of attention, care and commitment.


Looking ahead

I really hope this website and the tools it offers help you find the courage to explore yourself, to undertake the journey that is uniquely you, and to help you discover the beauty of investigating every part of your being simply for the sheer joy of being alive.

Kalitara is my humble way of opening a door for you, and holding your hand should you wish me to, on this incredible journey called life.

With all my love,

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