Welcome to your vibrant life

We know that the waters of our world can seem cloudy and obscured by complicated language and wild tales, which is why we’ve created a safe space for you to explore without worry, risk or scorn.

In our journey to further understand the power of the dynamic between strength and serenity, we have spent time considering the intriguing and vital space where science and spirituality meet.  What we have learned is an incredibly powerful and simple truth: different approaches work for different people.

We believe that fully appreciating the options open to you begins with an understanding of what the therapies are about and where they come from. Using this blog platform, we will unravel the wide range of complementary therapies available together, a journey which we will start by looking backwards with our ‘brief history series’.

Ours is not, and has never been, a campaign to discredit mainstream practices and medicines. In fact, the opposite is true. At Kalitara, we embrace that vast and interesting grey zone as a space to explore and learn from and ours is an interest in the dynamic push and pull between the mainstream and the alternative.

Our blog aims to speak to those who are already familiar with our territory as well as those on the outside looking for a way in. So, as always, if you have an interest in a topic that you would like us to explore further, please let us know and we will do our very best to set aside some space for it.

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