About Kalitara

A letter from the founder

I see this vibrant meadow – it’s summer and still warm yet nearly sunset. The colours are of the dusk and the tips of the grass catch the last rays of the sun. The air is buzzing with life. Serenity. I walk barefoot through the tall grass towards what looks like a way out. Sometimes there is no way. Then it’s less about a path and more about the surroundings themselves. Sometimes when I look to my left I see people from my past, present, or both sitting under the trees in the shade. Other times I’m walking with my ex-husband and my son, holding his hand. I never look to the right, and I don’t know why that hasn’t happened yet…

The meadow in its many forms is how my journey work practice takes shape and it’s where I go when I need to check in on my spirit. Finding those unique places and the individual journeys involved is why I started Kalitara.

My path to finding my meadow wasn’t always easy. Following a traumatic period of depression and anxiety, I was willing to try anything and through kind fate, that desire lead me to a retreat in Ibiza. It was there, amidst much fear and joy, that I was first introduced to the difficult but ultimately blissful emotions evoked for me by journey work. I knew I had to face those feelings over and over, but for the first time I also felt I had the right weapons for the battle.

Incredible years have followed, tough yet beautiful, driven by a new-found love for life and the desire to seek clarity, forgiveness and acceptance. My continued journey confirms daily my belief that we all have the innate power to heal and I dream of the day when ‘conventional’ and ‘unconventional’ healing exist side by side, each acknowledged and accepted for the good they offer. I really hope you can find the courage to explore yourself and find your own way. Kalitara is my humble way of opening a door for you and holding out my hand for help should you need it on the incredible journey you are starting today!

With all my love,

Kalitara and its function

Every person’s life experience is unique and we celebrate that diversity. However, the one constant, no matter the journey of the individual, is that the mind, body and spirit all require and deserve the same level of attention, care and commitment. We all have the ability to heal ourselves, re-wire pathways, manage habits, regain confidence and live life with passion and it is that miracle that Kalitara is built on.

About Kalitara

Kalitara is a platform that facilitates access to a carefully curated selection of practices for healing and thriving. Often called complementary therapies for the mind, body and spirit, these practices, resorts and teachers are tools that encourage and empower people to live a vibrant life.

“Our vision was to create a safe place for people to find what they need. To enable that journey, we’ve designed an online experience that combines the power of technology with essential human support. Our list of practices, resorts and practitioners have all been carefully selected – we only recommend what we believe in and everything we do is about bringing positive change and improving vitality. The Kalitara team are all dedicated to finding and sharing the things that make life better and bring (back) joy. To us, nothing matters more than providing access to the things that actually work.”

Christina Poulsen, Founder of Kalitara

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If you have any questions, or would like some more information on the retreats or individual sessions, please get in touch via the "contact us" form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are a practitioner or retreat owner interested in joining the Kalitara family, please email us directly at vendors@kalitara.com