Additional treatments & guidance

Should you not have found what you are looking for within the Kalitara site, please get in touch here and let us know which specific therapy you are interested in, or would like to know more about. We will then do our very best to seek out and guide you to the practitioners and retreats best suited to your needs.

Kalitara recommends practitioners and retreats based on personal experience and honest reviews. So, as we come into contact with suitable vendors, our product offer will grow accordingly. We provide a curated selection, which means it can take time to grow the selection suggested on site. Our “enquire only” system was developed in order to provide our practitioners with as much information as possible before they agree to undertake any kind of treatment. We are proud to offer access to some of the best practitioners and retreats within the world of holistic healthcare, their time can often be scarce and we hope you are as serious about healing as they are. Prices listed are for any online or local sessions, subject to change. International clients must expect flight and accommodation fees to occur on top. Many practitioners offer reduced prices for low-income situations, so be sure to ask if cost is an issue – healing is for everyone.

Should you need additional treatment guidance before making a booking, we recommend the below organisations for more info on holistic therapies and mental health. Should you be based outside the UK, please get in touch and we can direct you to international advisory websites.

NHS  – Complementary and alternative medicine

Cancer research  – Complementary and alternative medicine

Mental health problems – useful organizations

Heads together

NHS – How to access mental health services


Kalitara provides access to a curated selection of holistic healthcare practitioners and retreats, we do not offer personalised treatment plans or act, in any way, as an official healthcare provider. We strongly urge you to please consult your preferred source of healthcare advice or physician before changing any existing treatment plans.

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If you have any questions, or would like some more information on the retreats or individual sessions, please get in touch via the "contact us" form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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