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200 Hour Holistic Yoga Therapy Training Thaivedic

Advance your skills as a Holistic Therapist through training in Eco-Paradise in India.

Gain 6 internationally recognised ThaiVedic qualifications, and the opportunity to register with Yoga Alliance International.

*Price includes accommodation and food onsite.  Airfare and transport not included

From $4,500.00


The ThaiVedic 200hr Holistic Yoga Therapy Training Certification offers revolutionary training, combining ancient the wisdoms of Ayurveda, Yoga and Thai Massage with the most powerful holistic therapies of today.

This is different from a regular Yoga Teacher Training, as it equips you with skills to offer the most individualised and effective treatments and classes, allowing you to assess and treat based on spirituality, psychology, metabolism, nutrition, and structure.

Our courses are IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) certified. Through us, you will gain an internationally recognised qualification, enabling you to practice holistic medicine around the world*.

For your personal evolution, the 28 days training is an opportunity for you to immerse in an Ayurvedic self-care practice, offering a space for a transformative spiritual experience.

Daily Schedule:

The daily course outline consists of three session blocks, where we align our activities with the ideal Ayurvedic routine (based on the location of the sun). Modern research has shown the many benefits of living according to nature’s rhythm, and for 5,000 years Ayurveda has put a big emphasis on this.

First Session (06:00 – 08:00)

  • 06:00 – 07:00 Mauna (silence), meditation, yoga and asana experience

  • 07:00 – 08:00 Practice teaching and group workshop

Breakfast (in silence) (08:00 – 09:30)

Second Session (09:30 – 12:30)

Ayurveda or Yoga lectures and therapy practice

Lunch (12:30 – 13:30)

Third Session (15:30 – 18:30)

Ayurveda and Bodywork class

Dinner (18:00 – 19:00)

As the primary purpose of the Holistic Yoga Therapy Training is to awaken self-healing, there is a focus on practices which fine-tune your ability to understand the body’s natural guiding messages and intuitions. All classes throughout the training have this fundamental goal of enhancing self-awareness and empowering people to be their own healer. This frees the mind and body from imbalanced thoughts or movements that promote suffering and decay. When we are more self-aware, we are more able to help and heal ourselves, others, and the world.

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“Apart from being one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had, I now sense deep gratitude in every bodywork session I give. Having a diagnosis-tool at hand and a clear structure in mind makes a big difference!”

~ Monika Kletzmayr


Our three ThaiVedic founders will be guiding and shaping your healing evolution, along with a number of world-class guest teachers and assistants. Integrating the best of timeless traditions, with the most effective modern healing modalities; this powerful team of teachers has created a ground breaking curriculum never seen before

Our goals are:

·   To provide an inspiring and enriching learning environment for you to advance your skills as a holistic therapist

·   To support a transformative, spiritual and healing journey; enabling you to learn your individual nature and how to create a life of balance

·   To welcome you into our close family of worldwide graduates; a group of people you’ll be able to grow with for years to come.

What's included

Students will be able to assess and deliver

healing to all 5 elements of the human body.

  • Ether: Guide people to their unique spiritual path and treat the energetic flow within the body. This taps people into the source of infinite healing potential.
  • Air: Assess the psychology of the individual with an integrated system that encourages mental peace and accelerates the manifestation of life goals.
  • Fire: Understand the unique metabolic types of each individual and be able to shift the metabolism and burning fires of the body, enabling better digestion of all of life.
  • Water: Clearly see the body’s connection systems; spirals, loops, fascia, and fluid systems. Enabling compassionate integration and bringing back fluid movement to the dance of the body and lymph.
  • Earth: Strengthen and support the bones and muscular structure of the body, freeing the pain of improper alignment, and empowering an unshakeable body and mind.

Personal Benefits

  • Deeply understand your body and heal long-standing health issues
  • Learn your individual nature and how to create a life of balance
  • Release stress and trauma with daily self-healing practices and bodywork exchange

Professional Benefits

  • Work in an industry that allows you to help others and travel the world
  • Know your clients instantly with the worlds best diagnostic system
  • Provide truly individualised sessions that people rave about
  • Become a qualified health professional that people can trust
  • Be part of an international community of ThaiVedic healers who support your growth and prosperity

Unite with a Worldwide Community

ThaiVedic is not merely a yoga or healing training; it is a worldwide community committed to sharing wisdom that can change the world. If you are interested in having an ethically sustainable career, sharing what you love, thriving in a community of prosperity and success, working in beautiful places, and bettering the life of those who you come into contact with; then the ThaiVedic community is blossoming with people of the same vision.  Let’s grow and thrive together!


The 2020 Holistic Yoga Therapy Training in India will be held at Govardhan Eco Village, India. ​ "As you drive away from the city, a mere 108 km from Mumbai, lies a world that moves to a different time. The Ecovillage itself lies near the picturesque Kohoj Fort, in a region that is one of the top ten biodiversity hotspots in the world. You can meet many a winged wonder during your stay here. This is not just a retreat, it is a living embodiment of a way of life. It is a place that inspires an inner transformation allowing you to appreciate the gifts of the earth and what it means to live simply in keeping with spiritual and eco-friendly principles. At Govardhan Ecovillage you will experience life as a fusion of Vedic wisdom and modern science. You will discover a spiritual ecology, that lets you live in harmony with the earth. In Vedic times, life was focused on service to the world and its inhabitants – both human and animal – not their exploitation. It is this spirit of empathy that lies at the heart of this retreat. GEV is now an award-winning eco-community, that you can visit and experience a living example of sustainable and harmonious living".

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200 Hour Holistic Yoga Therapy Training Thaivedic

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Kimmana Nichols


Co-Founder of the ThaiVedic System is the 3rd generation from an entire family of holistic healers and educators; now holding qualifications in more than 20 healing modalities including Ayurveda and Naturopathy

Sebastian Bruno


Co-Founder of the ThaiVedic System and Yoga Massage Studies; Sebastian is a passionate and respected teacher of Thai Massage and Movement Therapies across the globe

Other information

Who is This Training For?
  • Teachers, practitioners or therapists wanting to advance their professional skills. Although all knowledge is taught from an entry level and proceeds to advanced; complete beginners might find the curriculum and intensive learning style challenging if they do not have a present foundation in either yoga, Ayurveda, bodywork or other holistic therapies.

  • Individuals wishing to learn healing arts to help themselves and others. This is an education and training focused event; not a healing retreat. It is not ideal for those seeking a personalised healing treatment. For an event that is focused on YOU and your personal healing; check out Vitality Now Ayurvedic Detox Program led by our co-founder Kimmana Nichols.

  • Those who understand that yoga is far more than asana (physical postures and exercise), and wish to receive a holistic foundation in a variety of yogic practices including meditation, mantra, bandhas, and more.

  • Those wishing to practice therapy and help people while travelling to beautiful places. Our school is a registered training provider with IPHM (The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine), and allows students to practice internationally. Although students can receive a Yoga Alliance 200hr qualification through attending our course, if you only wish to teach classes related to asana and yoga studios, there are other courses which may be more focused to your needs. Although we do teach Yoga Asana (poses); it is not the sole focus of the training.  We focus on all aspects of yogic lifestyle and therapies. For a teacher training focused on Asana and Hatha Yoga, please see the Strength & Grace Yoga programs led by our co-founder Barbra Noh.

  • Those who understand that 200hrs of practice and training time will not make you a specialist or expert in the system. Although most participants will have developed life-changing skills and be able to help people as soon as they finish, the journey of mastery will happen over time and you will need to continue practising if you wish to be a specialist in any specific field.

  • Those who aspire to a growth mindset, who love learning and evolving; and are prepared to grow over time with a community which shares and supports your growth. Those who are people-focused and care about others, want to work with individuals and groups, and help the world by sharing practices that increase awareness and healing.


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