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5 Elements Cacao Dance Ceremonies

Find liberation through dance and movement, deepen sensory awareness, and perceive magic in the mundane


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5 Elements Cacao Dance Ceremonies

Literally translated as ‘Food of the Gods’, Cacao is considered one of the most nutritionally dense superfoods with many medicinal benefits.  It contains more anti-oxidants than any other food on the planet and stimulates the release of the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, leading to feelings of euphoria. It also contains the chemical compound anandamide, known as the bliss chemical. It relaxes the muscles and nervous system, increases blood flow, focuses the mind and activates the heart.

Since the ancient civilisations of the Mayans and Aztecs, cacao has been used in rituals and ceremonies as a tool for journeying deep inside of the self, allowing spirit to move through and guide us.

I hold these ceremonies to create a space where we can find acceptance in what is – relating to our current state of being and circumstance – and uninhibited, unapologetic, authentic self-expression is encouraged. It is an opportunity to voice our fears and doubts, to acknowledge and let go of what holds us back, and then to state our dreams and intentions in moving forward, so we can dance them into fruition.

I guide an intuitive dance journey through the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether, encouraging us to embody, align and dance with these elemental qualities within ourselves. This helps us find our way back to our own true nature. The fusion of these sensory stimuli: cacao, music, prayer, and dance are a potent blend that enable altered states of consciousness and deep healing. You will leave the space feeling activated, energised, empowered and inspired to break out of the old and trust and surrender to the new.

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” I attended one of Jo’s cacao ceremonies in Thailand and absolutely loved it! It was a little surreal, not knowing how and if the cacao would effect me, but it definitely had an effect. It was very subtle, but it allowed me to embrace the music and Jo’s lovely voice and guidance. It brought out my suppressed ballerina dreams, and I found myself attempting pirouettes much to my horror afterwards : ) Such a lovely freeing experience, I can’t wait for my next ceremony with Jo ” – Christina Poulsen, Founder of Kalitara


London, UK

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5 Elements Cacao Dance Ceremonies

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Jo Selwood

The tools Jo shares are inspired by her own journey in learning to listen to her body and be compassionate with herself. Having danced professionally for 11 years, in 2012 she began to transition from the dance performance world to the world of dance as a healing practice, meditation and a tool for self-expression. Following the bodies' authentic and natural way of moving in free form dance practices was just the nourishment her body and being had longed for. It then led her to discover TRE®, this for her was the epitome of surrender practice. Jo believes it is the practice of surrendering to the body and its innate healing ability that builds trust and fuller expression in daily life. She holds individual and groups sessions of TRE® in London and is continuing her exploration and learning in somatic trauma therapy. The core intention of Jo's work is to assist people in increasing their capacity to feel, to shed defensive and reactive patterns and integrate new healthy ways of being. Working towards a perfect balance between sensitive and receptive yet strong and resilient.

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Magic in Motion is a reminder to perceive magic in the mundane, to recognise that we are part of the constant alchemical cycle of creation, continually changing in nature. Present moment embodiment practices such as TRE® and dance, help to deepen our sensory awareness. Bringing us to full vitality and aliveness. Coming closer to our felt senses and staying present with them can help us to feel and release stagnation and make space for new alive and awakened creative energy. As we expand our capacity to feel more, we can heal more. In each moment we are able to perceive consciousness as both an idea in the mind and a sensation in the body. How we perceive, feel and react is determined by our current state of being. When the nervous system is balanced, the body can thrive and we feel safe to express and connect freely. In this thrive state we are unbound by the past and our own conditioning. We have more space to discern how to react to our present moments and better transform our consciousness. It is here that magic can appear possible.

It is my wish for us to believe in the possibility of a beautiful, peaceful and abundant world. For us to strive to create this state within us, and let our actions be a reflection.

We can start by dancing.


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