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“Barre & Baby is a space for mums to bring balance back into their lives using the beauty of ballet. As when they feel balanced they can love without boundaries.

And loving without boundaries is exactly the reason that urged me to create Barre&Baby” – Elisa Reineiro

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Barre & Ballet is a space for mums to bring balance back into their lives using the beauty of ballet. As when they feel balanced they can love without boundaries.

And loving without boundaries is exactly the reason that urged me to create Barre&Baby.

When I had my first son, 7 years ago, I felt under pressure of becoming “the perfect mum”. With the many courses and teachings available around on how to live the pregnancy, birth, feed and grow a baby, I felt supported yes, but also I felt so inadequate and lost.

I kept questioning if my choices and my actions where the right ones… I kept looking elsewhere for answers, instead of simply looking inside and trusting myself.

It was only when dancing (I was dancing at home with Nicolo at that time as no classes as B&B were available) that I was able to go back to my instinct, and feel a sensation of trust that the choices I was making for Nicolo’ and for myself were the right ones.

So I started to believe in the incredibly nurturing and creative powers of ballet for mums and mums-to-be.

Everyone is welcome to a Barre&Baby class, no previous ballet experience is required.


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“I feel more confident and in control of my body”

Since I started Barre & Baby, around my 14 week s, I felt more confident and in control of my body. The classes are relaxing but Elisa always makes sure that we also work hard physically to prepare our growing and changing bodies for the birth. She talks about creating a connection with the baby and makes us feel happy and safe with some beautiful music.I like the fact that she clearly has a profound knowledge and passion of ballet, but also of anatomical and physiological changes in pregnancy and the movements and exercises she prepares reflect this.

– Virginia, mum-to-be


A stronger, more flexible and healthier body can help you to have an easier labour and quicker recovery. Your unborn baby also benefits, with her foetal cardiac system growing stronger and healthier as a result of Barre&Baby workouts.

I design the classes to achieve:

·  Correct body posture

·  Improved physical health

·  More flexible body

And most importantly, the classes are designed to be FUN! I want you to really enjoy each class and feel the benefit of endorphins, the ‘feel-good hormone’, to reduce stress and tension, boost energy and create a positive mindset.

Our relationships change when we have children – not only with our loved ones, but with ourselves and our bodies. And of course, there’s a brand new relationship with our baby to discover.

This is why I created Barre & Baby to not only support you physically, but mentally. Every class carries a theme – such as ‘Flexibility’ or ‘Balance’ – and we explore what this theme means for your body and mind.

As you dance, you’ll also be creating a deep bond with your baby, whether she’s waiting to be born or worn in a sling. During pregnancy, her senses start to develop very early on, and at 14 weeks she can already hear. Once she arrives, she’ll find the gentle movements and classical music of Barre & Baby soothing and relaxing. In fact, I find my classes send many babies fast asleep!

What's included

Each class usually begins with warming-up exercises on the floor or at the barre, followed by intensive toning and strengthening exercises at the barre or centre, before finishing with stretching and relaxation exercises.

In the Mum&Baby Ballet classes we dedicate some ballet time to your baby, either resting on your lap or laying on a pillow, while the class sings nursery rhymes. During the toning exercises at the barre, you’ll wear your baby in a sling or wrap.



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Elisa Reinerio

Hi! My name is Elisa Reinerio and I moved to London over 10 years ago to follow the love of my life, who then became my husband and the father of my two boys. I started dancing at the age of 6 in a local ballet school back in Italy. My passion for dance came at once, and I wanted to practice almost every day. At the age of 15, I started teaching ballet to children from two to 10 years old and I loved it! But as I got older and started working, dance took less of a central role in my life. Six years ago, when I was expecting my first child, Nicolo’, I felt compelled to learn more about pregnancy, the most transformative moment of a women’s life. So, I decided to train to become a pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Tara Lee, both having incredibly inspirational hearts and minds. After the birth of my second child, Gabriele, I started taking group ballet classes again, realising soon how much I’d missed it. What if I could combine my pregnancy yoga knowledge and experience with my passion for ballet? And that’s how Barre & Baby was born. It was one of the best decisions of my life! Every time I get to spend time with the mamas in the class, learning together, sharing laughs, tears and emotions, I feel happy, lucky and blessed. Plus my learning continues, through the ballet classes I attend weekly, the regular teacher trainings and the many readings I do to learn more about pregnancy and postnatal body and emotions. I recently trained with James D’Silva, Madeline Black and Jenny Burrell, Cat Alip-Douglas, all helping to empower the body to a higher level of consciousness – something I now bring with me to every Barre & Baby session.

Other information

I encourage mamas-to-be to start Barre & Baby from week 12 of their pregnancy. New mamas are welcome to join when their babies are six weeks old.

Please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! Anything that allows you to move easily is fine. Ballet shoes are welcome if you have them but bare feet work just as well.

If you’re coming to a Mum&Baby Ballet class, your baby should also be in comfortable, soft clothes that allow her to move and kick happily.

Bring a sling that offers a tummy-to-tummy or back-hold. (I don’t recommend cradle-hold or forward-facing slings for this class.) If you’re not sure which carrier is right for you and your baby, try visiting your nearest Sling Library. I have extra carriers I’m happy to lend, but please get in touch before the class to reserve one.

Classes price:

Taster £10

Drop in £20

Pack of 5 classes – valid for 3 months – £85

Pack of 10 classes – valid for 5 months – £150

Tuesday 11.15 – 12.15
Ballet Studio, St Marys of the Angels,
Moorhouse Road, Notting Hill,
W2 5DJ

Wednesday 11.30 – 12.45
Unit 13, The Ivories,
6-18 Northampton Street,
Islington, N1 2HY


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