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Fasting & Detox workshop

The House of Colors is a Healing Center offering fasting and detox workshops and light language therapy.

People from all walks of life come to the House of Colors where this new lifestyle is about shared values, based on the notion that the world around us shapes and nourishes us. The House of Colors responds to the environment as well as the individual, with the inherent knowledge that our emotions are the glue that hold our body and mind together.

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Our fasting method is based on the Dr. Buchinger’s tea-juice-broth method which is a well-founded, fully-accountable and healthy way to fast.

The body is supplied with watered down, ecologically produced fruit juices and vegetable broths, vitamins and mineral nutrients. In addition, two to three litres of mineral water are consumed daily. The intake of lots of water is important in order to be able to eliminate accumulated toxic substances.

Daily walks, yoga, massage and visualisation sessions help create a perfect space to heal on more levels than just the physical. Physical activity and fresh air aid the elimination process, speed up the decomposition of fats and help preserve muscle mass and proteins. Visualisations and sound healing help to eliminate unwanted patterns. Our goal is to improve your holistic health, a content balanced healthy you and all our activities are geared to support the elimination process in a gentle and caring way.

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” Ilona Patel is one of the most powerful holistic therapy practitioners I have ever met, she changed my life profoundly back in 2013 ” – Christina Poulsen, Founder of Kalitara

” Ilona and her wonderful team make your stay an absolute pleasure – the beautiful location and homely atmosphere of the House of Colors makes it the perfect place to just surrender to the process, knowing you are in safe hands and just relax and let it unfold. The days are spent in a perfect balance of rest and activity, enough to ensure you feel pampered, stretched and yet totally rested. Ilona has incredible knowledge and experience, and I certainly plan to return again. ” – Boo


Some of the benefits of fasting are:

  • Wellbeing – Improved sense of health, happiness and contentment – without going hungry
  • Detox – various toxins and dangerous substances are eliminated along with the fat deposits.
  • Connective tissue renews itself whereupon the complexion improves and skin imperfections disappear.
  • Stomach and intestinal flora regeneration.
  • Immune system strengthening – intestinal regeneration and the psychosomatic effects of fasting stimulate the body’s own defenses.
  • Metabolism renewal. High cholesterol levels and high blood pressures drop and rheumatic pains cease.
  • Weight loss – on average men will lose 6 kilos and women 5 kilos in a single week of fasting.
  • Fasting helps to change strongly ingrained consumption habits, such as poor eating habits, alcohol or smoking.

What's included

First fasting day’s schedule
Hour Activity

 Kneipp steps , followed by weighing, brushing and showering


 Glauber’s salts – Chi-Machine aids elimination visualization.


Broth (mineral supply) or thinned fruit juice (vitamin supply) made of controlled organic produce.

12:30  Liver compress.

The afternoon consists of walks, massages, relaxation, conversation and much more.


Evening meal: broth (mineral intake). Then visualizations and talks are held. Lectures on the subject of health, exchange of experiences.

20:30  Going home.

The next four days of fasting are arranged in a similar way, except that Glauber’s salts are replaced by enemas

Build up days

The build-up days are extremely important. Instructions must be followed closely, to so that a full success of the fasting week can be achieved. These days guide you back to a more healthy way of nourishing yourself.

During these two days visualizations are offered, as well as many talks. As the second build-up day is often the day of departure, you receive a small lunch or dinner packet to take with you on the way home, which contains everything necessary to follow the specifications of the second build-up day.

Suggestions and recipes for further build-up days will be given out to take along with you.


The House of Colors is located close to the village of San Juan in the wild north of Ibiza. From its perch up in the hills visitors can enjoy spectacular open views and sunsets. Magical peace, stunning views, harmonious and welcoming atmosphere are the striking characteristics of this noteworthy property. Embedded high up in the Nature Reserve of the northern hills of Ibiza, but still only minutes away from entertainment, should you care for that. A mix of Adobe and Morocco/ India enhance the Magic you feel. Set up with warmth and love so you can share it. Pagoda, Geodesic dome and an infinity pool. Many undisturbed corners.

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Fasting & Detox workshop

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Ilona Pantel Ayal

Fasting Manager and Advisor

Ilona is a multilevel therapist and fasting-guide who works with the medicine that Mother Nature supplies. Ilona received her Diploma in Psychology and has completed studies in several therapeutic techniques (Hakomi, Hypnotherapy, PCT). She studied in Barcelona and received her Diploma at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. Furthermore, Ilona deepened her training and knowledge in New York, Santa Barbara, Ojai and Seattle. She has worked in New York in different social areas. Her holistic world-view has widened her alertness for the things we put into our bodies and their true nourishing mental, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual value. This realisation brought her to the following conclusion, which she has been working with for years: fasting and detoxification combined with a great variety of different healing approaches is the best way to support the process towards a more fulfilled being, thus becoming your true self again. After many years of self-experience in different areas of detoxification, Ilona completed her training as a Fasting Manager and Advisor in Dietetics at the DFA (German Fasting Academy). She has studied in-depth all aspects of fasting, the crises (important healing moments) and has successfully guided many transformational retreats since 2004. Ilona is also a Light Language Practitioner and she has completed the Advanced Tachyon Technologies Wellness I and II, as well as Vertical I, II, and III. A fantastic addition to all of her programmes.

Sylvie B

Yoga instructor

I started learning Yoga 17 years ago. My practice is the fusion of all the experiences I made through the years. I developed a style of teaching that is both nurturing and challenging. 
Yoga has survived thousands of years, because it works. We all know by now that it offers a wide range of physical benefits.
We move the body into different and new positions and relationships. So the body is realigned, revitalized and harmonized and these changes in the body also bring about changes in the mind. I see in the practice of yoga as a wonderful way to allow us to become fully in touch with who and what we are. This is where my emphasis lies during retreats: meet your (higher) self! Get in touch with your body, your breath and your mind. Through sensitivity, through feeling what you are doing, you will release tension, refine your body awareness, harmonize your breath and quiet your mind. Yoga is a perfect support during detoxification! I am French and I have lived in Ibiza for 10 years, where I also teach privately.

Other information

What you should pack:

  • Comfortable and warm clothes, layers.
  • Between May and October also bring your bathing costume
  • Good solid outdoor clothing and footwear
  • Dry body brushes with natural hair bristles
  • Sufficient change of clothes (made of natural fibres if possible as elimination through the skin is greater when fasting)
  • Be ready for new experiences


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