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HypnoBirthing course Laura Artero

Group Courses

Up to 5 classes of 2.5 hours each

It covers all stages and teaches simple & effective self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques for labour and birth.


From $425.00


HypnoBirthing is a complete antenatal programme

HypnoBirthing is a complete antenatal course that guides and prepares women to give birth in a peaceful and extraordinarily beautiful manner. It combines education and self-hypnosis, teaching practical tools for each stage.

Birth is simply a physiological function of women’s body, and it is meant to be peaceful. HypnoBirthing helps women to learn to dismiss fear-based stories, misinformation and birthing myths, and instead see and live birth as normal. As nature intends.

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“To be honest I don’t know how my pregnancy, birth and motherhood would be if it hadn’t been for Laura and her teachings on Hypnobirthing. She was definitely the teacher I needed that knew exactly how to guide me through the course so that every session I felt calmer and could notice my ability to relax deeper each time while I learned how to transform every fear into excitement and security. The only thing I had to give was my commitment to the practice at home. She was there every time I wrote or call in need for extra help and for sure I know that if I enjoyed the way I did all my process it has everything to do to hypnobirthing. Now I have discovered the power that my body and mind have and I will treasure it my entire life.”

~ Paulina G. Valle, Make-up artist from St. John’s Wood, London


What you’ll learn:

  • How pain in childbirth is caused by FEAR
  • How to eliminate the fear.
  • How to regain TRUST in your body and in your baby. They both know what to do.
  • What is the uterus and what it does during birth.
  • Specific breathing techniques to adopt during each stage.
  • Relaxing techniques that will make you relaxed in a matter of a few seconds (a skill to learn for life!!)
  • Specific directions for you and your birth partner: both of you have an IMPORTANT ROLE and will complement & support each other’s role.

What's included

Included in the course:

I want to offer a wonderful experience when you prepare with me for the birth of your baby. Fresh spring water and organic snacks are always on the table, fresh flowers are set in the room and I use my favourite china to serve my wide selection of organic teas during the tea breaks, which are a nice occasion to chat with other parents-to-be and make friends.

  • The original Hypnobirthing book
  • The original audio files for self-practice
  • A short handouts guide to use on the day
  • Invitation to the Happy-Birthing coffee mornings
  • My full commitment and heart! I’m always available to all my mums BEFORE, DURING and AFTER birth


The venue is in Ravenscourt Park London.

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HypnoBirthing course Laura Artero

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Laura Artero

I went through the full Marie Mongan HypnoBirthing training and certified with the HypnoBirthing Institute, which gave me the expertise to teach the method and to learn all stages of the birth. I trained as a pregnancy yoga teacher with Uma-Dilsmore and Tara Lee, which allowed me to learn the anatomy of the body during pregnancy and birth and the correct movements to assist the body during birth. I trained as a hypnotherapist, as a way to learn how the mind works and how to neutralise the self-limiting believes we impose on ourselves. Women are conditioned by how birth had been portrayed in the past couple of thousand of years and even now. This prevents women achieving full potential of their bodies’ abilities during the birth (and as a parent!). I continue to learn through workshops, courses and books in an attempt to always improve my knowledge and expertise and to assist ‘my mums’ always with the best of my abilities. There is a need for a positive movement about birth. I do what I do because I feel a call to assist women to trust again their instincts and help babies to have the right start of life: with respect, with love, and with as little trauma as possible. I gave birth to my daughter using HypnoBirthing™ the Mongan Method. This experience changed many aspects of my life. The day I birthed Carlotta was the best day of my life. I felt empowered and serene. Carlotta had the birth she deserved, coming into the world calm and with no unnecessary stress.


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