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Ilona Patel Shamanic Healing

“Deep transformational work can be achieved through assessing the root of your problem/s together and supporting you in your transformational work with guided visualisations and shamanic techniques” – Ilona Patel


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Counselling & support sessions

Deep transformational work can be achieved through assessing the root of your problem/s together and supporting you in your transformational work with guided visualisations, shamanic techniques and many other suggestions.

We will do various exercises together, all of them designated to further a smooth but deep change in you and around you.

Sessions are 30 minutes long and cost 56€.
You can also book 5 sessions for 254€ or 10 sessions for 425€

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” I first met Ilona at a woman’s only retreat at her beautiful House of Colours in Ibiza back in 2013. I was going through some very hard times, and she came into my life like this beautiful, powerful, slightly daunting wise woman. She introduced me to shamanic journey work – something I still use to this day whenever I need to check in on my spirit. She introduced me to women’s circles and how powerful and transformational it can be when women unite, chanting or dancing to what is essentially this universal force of love deeply rooted in our ability to create life on many levels. I felt very loved, humble and held in those moments, especially in the moments of fear and sadness. I felt very feminine and in awe of the mountains we can move when we unite. I made peace with a part of me that needed peace ” – Christina Poulsen, Founder of Kalitara


Ilona can help you overcome many issues that are symptoms of imbalance, such as:

  • feeling low/depression
  • stress and anxiety
  • stuck in repetitive life patterns
  • low confidence
  • low energy
  • chronic health issues
  • relationship issues
  • addiction
  • anger/resentment
  • inner conflict
  • post traumatic stress
  • spiritual crisis

What's included

Through gentle talking therapy and the facilitation of ancient shamanic healing methods that restore power and release the spiritual root cause of an issue, Ilona can help you

  • get to the bottom of things that have been troubling you
  • come in to healing to make inner and outer transformation in your life
  • reclaim your power and overcome patterns that are no longer serving you
  • find yourself and realign with your soul
  • live more harmoniously

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Ilona Patel Shamanic Healing

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Ilona Patel

Ilona is a multilevel therapist and fasting-guide who works with the medicine that Mother Nature supplies. Ilona received her Diploma in Psychology and has completed studies in several therapeutic techniques (Hakomi, Hypnotherapy, PCT). She studied in Barcelona and received her Diploma at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. Furthermore, Ilona deepened her training and knowledge in New York, Santa Barbara, Ojai and Seattle. She has worked in New York in different social areas. Her holistic world-view has widened her alertness for the things we put into our bodies and their true nourishing mental, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual value. This realisation brought her to the following conclusion, which she has been working with for years: fasting and detoxification combined with a great variety of different healing approaches is the best way to support the process towards a more fulfilled being, thus becoming your true self again. After many years of self-experience in different areas of detoxification, Ilona completed her training as a Fasting Manager and Advisor in Dietetics at the DFA (German Fasting Academy). She has studied in-depth all aspects of fasting, the crises (important healing moments) and has successfully guided many transformational retreats since 2004. Ilona is also a Light Language Practitioner and she has completed the Advanced Tachyon Technologies Wellness I and II, as well as Vertical I, II, and III. A fantastic addition to all of her programmes.

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