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“Herbal Medicine is the practice of applying the theraputic properties from plant based medicines for maintaining good health”


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Herbal medicine is the practice of applying the therapeutic properties from plant-based medicines for treating and preventing disease.

Herbal medicine works to stimulate the body’s own healing, aimed at treating the root cause of the problem, as well as relieving associated symptoms.

Herbalism is practiced holistically; the patient is seen as an individual where the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual aspects are considered. The whole person is treated, not the disease.

It is an ancient system of medicine that has been used for millennia around the world. Today Herbalists combine the traditional knowledge with scientific evidence of how plant based natural medicine can support our health.

Herbal medicine can be described as a perfect fusion of art and science provided by Mother Nature.


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“Jodie Anderson is a wonderful understanding person with a great knowledge of herbalism. She prescribed me some amazing herbs for my sinusitis and nervous system, which were excellent. I highly recommend Jodie.”  Plum Sykes – Author and contributing editor of American Vogue


The clinic space is warm, immaculate and very safe. There is a delicious café, comfortable waiting area, plenty of parking and disabled access

What's included

The first consultation is roughly one hour long with a follow up two or four weeks later to assess the treatment given.

A detailed case history is taken, covering medical, family, lifestyle, diet, and individual systems of the body and a non-invasive physical examination if required.

Diagnostic tests include, blood pressure, pulse, tongue and iris.

A treatment plan will be discussed with the patient; confidentiality is respected at all times. Treatment is tailored to accommodate individual requirements.

Herbal medicine can be prescribed in a number of ways to suit individual requirements.

Herbs can be taken internally in the form of teas, alcohol extracted tinctures, capsules, powders, syrups, and tablets.

External medicine will include oils, cream, and ointments


I practice from the beautiful On the Brook at Coombe Farm in Bruton, Somerset. We are surrounded by rolling hills in a very peaceful setting. The clinic space is warm, immaculate and very safe. There is a delicious café, comfortable waiting area, plenty of parking and disabled access. onthebrook.co.uk

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Jodie Anderson Herbs

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Jodie Anderson


My primary aim is to make my patients feel better. Encourage lifestyle and dietary changes and inform manageable ways to improve wellbeing that will support the healing process. Along with your herbal medicine I often prescribe flower remedies and Auricular acupuncture. Auricular acupuncture is a particularly useful treatment as ear treatments are immediate in effect especially for stress and anxiety. Bach flower remedies also have a more immediate effect. Most herbal medicine tends to take longer as I am working towards creating a new holistic pattern within the patient. A wholesome diet in combination with herbs will further nourish and support the interplay between the whole body and enhance the healing potential. Master Herbalists are registered members of the AMH (Association of master Herbalists) who have qualified after a 3 year full-time or 5year part-time diploma course, trained in orthodox medical diagnosis, pathology, pharmacology, nutrition and in prescribing and preparing herbal medicine. 500 clinical hours are required before qualifying

Other information

Please bring prescribed medications and medical test results.

I like to see my patients 2 weeks following the first consultation to assess how they are responding to the prescribed herbs and then monthly, until quarterly for seasonal health maintenance.



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