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Kimmana Nichols Holistic Health Consultation (waiting list only)

Naturopath and Ayurvedic Teacher Kimmana Nichols is the third generation from an entire family of healers and educators. Qualified in over 20 modalities of bodywork and medicine, his passion for healing arts and teaching has awakened a wave of Vedic Wisdom changing lives.

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Ayurveda considers the delicate balance of mind, body and spirit. The practice believes that each person is made up of the universe’s five basic elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth, which combine to form three life forces called doshas. In order to attend to any health issues, the doshas must be balanced

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“I wish I had found Kimmana 10 years ago, and I would recommend him to anyone who feels they could benefit from some sound healthcare advice. Without a doubt this was the most wisely spent money of my life.”

~ Becca MacMahon, England

“In 3 months of working with Kimmana not only did my skin clear up 100% and my digestion improve dramatically, my energy also increased to a level higher than I had experienced since the age of 19.”

~ Dallas Cyr, Life Coach, USA

What's included

With 15 years of clinical experience as a Naturopath, Bodyworker, Yoga Therapist, and Vedic Astrologer, a 1.5-hour consultation with me is like no other.

Through this session, you can get an accurate assessment of your situation. I will provide you with a thorough treatment plan to reach your goals.

I will ask and assess every aspect of your life, including diet, lifestyle, family situation, work, relationship, and even the environment that you live in. So that I can figure out what’s the root cause of the imbalance, and create a holistic treatment plan that can treat the source of your imbalance.

At the end of the session, the treatment plan may include lifestyle, dietary, potent substances (herbs) and possibly referrals to local treatments that would be best for you. I regularly work with international clients, so I can often provide local contacts for herbs and medical tests if needed.

You need to be aware that my treatment plans are not aimed for quick fixes and instant results. If we don’t spend the time track the root cause, and you don’t commit to really changing that cause, quick fix treatment plans will often make things worse in the long run. My priority is your longterm health, applying the most effective treatments, which often require you to apply self-healing practices and lifestyle changes yourself.

Therefore I require a commitment from you to your own healing progress because, no one in the world can change our lives, but us.​

I’m happy to be your guide, enabling you to change your life and achieve those health and wellness goals you’ve been dreaming of


Koh Phangan, Thailand

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Kimmana Nichols Holistic Health Consultation (waiting list only)

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Kimmana Nichols

I know every person is born with incredible self-healing powers far more potent than any remedy which could be given to them. I became a Naturopath because I am passionate about unlocking the self-healing potential of every person, and reawakening an age of self-empowered super healing humans! I know that education and self-awareness are the keys to heal not just ourselves, but also the planet, and this is why I am a Holistic Health Advisor.

Other information

Kimmana’s story

From an early age, diseases have been plaguing my health. From arthritis to fibromyalgia, and lower-back pain to collapsed lungs, I was forced to try various healing modalities to help me heal. Yet most of what I did, only gave temporary relief.

It wasn’t until I met an “alternative” German doctor who took the time to teach me about my unique body, the deeper causes of my diseases, and how I could become well again, that I began my recovery process.

Since that early age, I was so inspired to share this knowledge with the world because it made such a difference to my life. I’m continually studying all forms of medicine, new and old, helping others rebalance their bodies and renew their health.


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