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Personal TRE®/Somatic Sexuality – 60 minute session

Fiona is a TRE® Certification Trainer and a Sexuality Counsellor – Sessions can be TRE® or Counselling or both.

TRE® or Trauma & Tension Release Exercises, is a somatic body based practice for anyone suffering with stress, anxiety, trauma or PTSD

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TRE® or Trauma & Tension Release Exercises, is a somatic body based practice for anyone suffering with stress, anxiety, trauma or PTSD. It overcomes language barriers as it is a process that doesn’t require talking about the event, feeling or issue. We do a series of 7 easy stretches, stressing the muscles of the lower body, and building up a little shaking in the legs.  We then lie on the floor, and encourage these natural vibrations to move through the body, without trying to control them.  Most people enjoy the sensation; for some, they report a physical or emotional release, without becoming overwhelmed in the process.

It is recommended for anyone who :

  • Feels stressed, anxious or traumatised
  • Feels pain, inflammation or tightness in their body
  • Is exposed to or has witnessed other people’s trauma
  • Is living with health, financial, family, housing, addiction concerns
  • Is being, or has been exposed to war, violence, suppression or abuse
  • Is resident in a country of cultural, religious or generational trauma
  • Is working in a difficult or challenging situation that requires conflict resolution
  • has been involved in a vehicle or work related accident
  • has been involved in a natural disaster
  • has been diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Kalitara review

” TRE® literally transformed and healed a part of my body that desperately needed attention following a traumatic time in my life. I first met Fiona in Thailand during what was probably the best private therapy session I have ever had. Not only did she see ‘straight through me’ and gave me clear and precise feedback to my contemplations,  she also suggested i’d try TRE®  in order to let my body do the work ( I was sick and tired of traditional speech therapy at that point) and without really thinking too much about it I was on the floor. The exercises literally released the trapped trauma, and I felt the transformation in and after a single session. Fiona Soma is truly amazing, gifted, smart and funny. She will make you feel safe and like you can never go back to speech therapy ” – Christina Poulsen, Founder of Kalitara



The TRE® mechanism, or shaking ability, exists in all mammals and humans.  It is the body’s most organic and natural way of unravelling contracted or tight stress patterns, as well as reducing the charge of stress hormones and un-healthy chemical build up, bringing the body back to homeostasis

What's included

Sessions can be done in person or over Skype/Zoom.

There is a 90 minute session option which can be divided into 30 minute increments if required, and be used within 3 months of purchase.

Fiona is a TRE® Certification Trainer and a Sexuality Counsellor – Sessions can be TRE® or Counselling or both.

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Personal TRE®/Somatic Sexuality – 60 minute session

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Fiona Soma

Fiona Soma specialises in Somatic Health, with a focus on sexuality and relationships. She encourages us to safely explore methods of movement and play with forms of vibration as a way of understanding ourselves better in relation to the world. Through curiosity, we are led though simple, yet healing processes that bring balance back to all body systems. Fiona is a TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) Global Certification Trainer, presenting in Thailand, Romania and South Africa. She practices and teaches Taoist Energy techniques and meditations, and has created ” Nectar – Sexual Wisdom & Alchemy”, a practical, safe and accessible program, practicing the transformation of Jing Chi (sexual energy) for health and lifestyle benefits. She has contributed to Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Women's Health and O Magazines, and is currently in publication with her first book on "Healthy Sexual Secrets". Fiona has worked, shared and studied with some inspiring people including Master Mantak Chia, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, Bill Kauth , Liz Koch and her TRE® Mentor, Dr David Berceli. In her practice she also includes, Chi Kung, Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Visceral massage), Kinesiology, Breath work, Psychic Surgery and Craniosacral therapy. These approaches aim to uncover deep- seated blockages, which may manifest as persistent health difficulties. Fiona carries a Masters degree in Design, and lectured at The University of The Arts in London for 9 years structuring programs in fashion and product design. She still works part time as a Design Consultant.

Other information

How will I feel after TRE?

Initially people use the words: Grounded, Relaxed, Calmer, Energetic and less reactive

Over a period of several months:

Physical level : reported relief from many inflammatory illnesses like Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, Eczema, IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome).

Pain Level : reported relief from migraines/ headaches, back pain, knee pain, hip pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, TMJ

Emotional level : reported reduced charge or feelings of anger, fear, doubt, worry, control, rage and anxiety – this means better sleep for many.

In the work arena : reported feeling more grounded, confident, social, expressive, open, less defended, capable and trusting.

In the relationship arena : reported feeling more loving, present, less reactive, generous, conversational, intimate, communicative, caring, safe, self empowered and orgasmic.


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